“Exercice” at the hospital

Running & walking routes • Video-assisted exercises

Hoppy is a smartphone app which aims to offer various workouts such as running, walking, Qi Gong, stretching exercises, strength training and more.

Our goal is to improve the well-being of hospital staff and patients in addition to the training programs, coaches and physical therapists already offered by hospitals.

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About us 

The idea of Hoppy came about after many informal discussions between Mile Positioning Solutions; the creators of the app Runnin’City, Dubourdon Productions; specialists in recreational, informative and educational tools for hospitals and staff members.

We all strongly believed that physical exercise could raise the morale of hospital staff all while encouraging physical fitness.

We therefore combined our experience and skill sets with the help of sports coaches, physical therapists and patients in order to design Hoppy; a unique application that transforms hospitals into “Happy Hospitals” through physical exercise.

We immediately received support from the management at Hospices Civils de Lyon who validated our vision and recognized the impact Hoppy could have on their hospitals, which reassured us in our approach.

This is why we are able to offer Hoppy to all healthcare systems around the world, today.

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Running and walking routes

7-10km audio-guided running and walking routes, starting from the hospital, for those who want to go running or walking in the morning, during their lunch break or after work.


This is indeed a full-body and mind workout as the audio guide will tell you everything you need to know about the interesting points of interest you pass by.​

Fitness trails

Fitness trails featuring outdoor exercises created by experts with video tutorials. Hoppy takes advantage of street furniture; benches, poles, stairs, street-workout stations and more to offer you a variety of options.

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Stretching exercises for working on flexibility, posture, relaxation, Qi Gong and more, all while sitting at your desk, standing, in bed or at home.

How to implement Hoppy in our hospital?

How long does it take? 

Hoppy is a turnkey app. It usually takes a month to create the running, walking and fitness routes specifically for your different locations. 

Is there anything to install? 

There is absolutely nothing to install (no physical items, no QR codes or anything else. ) except the app on the users' smartphones.

How frequently do you update the app? 

The app is continuously updated to satisfy the iOS and Android standards. Through the hospital's subscription, you will also access updates of the routes and new exercises every year. 

How do I finance the app? 

The app can be financed directly by the hospital group. However, it can also be financed through corporate or personal sponsorship. We have been doing corporate sponsorship applications for years so we can assist you.